Wednesday Morning After February 15, 2011 – Our first post!

Good Morning!  It’s our “Wednesday Week!”  The WMA will be blogging from now on.  Here’s what happened our the show with Mercedes, Margo, Andrew, Zeke, Ariel and Truphena.

7:15 Dispatches from Dakar from Stephan Christoff part 2

“In this segment of Dispatches from Dakar we will hear from Desmond D’Sa from the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance speaking on grassroots organizing currently taking place in Durban, South Africa to protest the UN summit on climate change to take place between November 28th & December 9th 2011.

In this interview D’Sa outlines a climate justice from South African perspective, highlighting recent extreme weather events in the country and the fact that communities in South Africa directly impacted by climate change have not been consulted or involved in the upcoming UN conference in their city.”

Find the rest of the series here: Dispatches from Dakar

7:25 Story Time with Ariel – No man is a story

Tonight screening of An Island at Drawn and Quarterly

Also in book news, Terry Fallis wins Canada reads with his self published book, the Best Laid Plans. The Tyee wrote a profile where he discusses the perils of self-publishing.

7:30 In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Mercedes interviews her friends, Alexandre Tremplay and Tum Wei, from Chicoutimi about their cross-cultural relationship.

The background music and many others…

AND…Silly Kissers tonight at Casa Del Popolo

8:00 As always Democracy Now!

8:10 Bike Report with Tom.  Bike safe out there!

8:15 Montreal Burger Report

Jolifou (part 5)

8:45 Stewart Hall gallery series part 4

See you all, online, next week.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning After February 15, 2011 – Our first post!

  1. wednesdaymorningafter says:

    Thanks to Jaime for the tech help this morning!

  2. Mercedes says:

    Jaime is really kind and nice!!!
    Cheers to our show!!!

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