February 15 2011

Today on the show:

Listen to hour ONE

The Morning Breath with Yogini Ishwari – join Ishwari yoga at Yoga Om, 1539 rue Notre-Dame Ouest (metro Lucien-L’Allier), with free classes every 15th, 16th and 17th of each month. For more information and schedules visit http://www.yogaom.ca .

The Literary Report with Jeffrey Mackie – an interview with Hugh Hazelton coordinator of the Lapalabrava reading taking place tonight. It is a multilingual reading in French, Spanish and English http://www.cyberpresse.ca/agenda/09-6569-lapalabrava-une-serie-trilingue-de-lectures-de-poesie-en-espagnol-francais-et-anglais-et-de-musique.php

We played a clip from a TED Talk by Hanna Rosin called “New Data On The Rise Of Women” which you can find at http://www.ted.com/talks/hanna_rosin_new_data_on_the_rise_of_women.html

Listen to hour TWO

The Democracy Now! Headlines

The Bike Report with Cam Novak

Jenny Morris talks about winter fashion, check out her blog at fashionmademefunky.blogspot.com

Glass Passenger (myspace.com/glasspassengerband) and Max Milton Kelly perform live in the studio! check out the show this Friday night at Divan Orange (www.divanorange.org) with Lil Andy (myspace.com/lilandyandkaraokecowboy), Dara Weiss (myspace.com/daraweiss) and Elgin-Skye (myspace.com/elginskye)

MUSIC on today’s show:

Basia Bulat – Heart Of My Own from the album Heart Of My Own

Rhys Chatham РLady of the Loire, performing at Casa del Popolo this Thursday, February 17th, listen to more of his music at  http://www.myspace.com/rhyschatham

Charlotte Cornfield – The Colour from the album Collage Light

The Silly Kissers – from their album Precious Necklace

THe Unsettlers – Oh Dina, from the album Oil and Blood

Lil’ Andy – Early in the Morning and Flat Bush Waltz from the album The Church

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One thought on “February 15 2011

  1. […] can listen to some of their live performance through this CKUT blog. :ckut, facebook, folk, friday, glass passenger, local, montreal, rock, […]

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