TUESDAY ~ January 25th, 2011 – THE FOOD SHOW

This morning on The Tuesday Morning After…


featuring all food related issues, all food related music, all the time

Listen to HOUR ONE

The Morning Breath with Yogini Ishwari – breathing and stretching excercise for healthy eating and digestion

The Literary Report with Jeffrey Mackie – this week Jeffrey interview Annie Guay from the Montreal Stars womens’ hockey team, find information about their games and events on their website http://www.montrealstars.ca

Women and body image discussion and a clip from the documentary The Fat Body: In(visible) found at http://vimeo.com/17785299

Listen to HOUR TWO

Michelle Coyne: What is Freeganism? from the NCRA program exchange found at http://previous.ncra.ca/exchange/dspProgramDetail.cfm?programID=94491

Candice Cascanette’s interview with Sunny Stone, chef at Le Comptoir Charcuteries et vins at 4807 St. Laurent (corner of Villeneuve)

Candice’s interview with members of the rooftop greenhouse initiative at Concordia, to get involved or join the listserve email communicateconcordiagreenhouse@gmail.com, or for more information visit http://sustainable.concordia.ca/ourinitiatives/greenhouse/

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