Montreal Highlights Festival – Festival en Lumieres with Jean-Francois Demers

Thanks to Montreal Highlights festival en lumieres spokesperson Jean-Francois Demers for coming in to the CKUT studio this Friday morning and giving listeners some ideas on the “best of the fest” happening in Montreal from Feb. 17-27. Here are his recommendations:

Complexe Desjardins Festival of Quebec Cheeses (Free, plus tasting coupons for wine – optional)!- cheese from Quebec and wines from the wine-makers you will find at the Festival’s Finest Tables Dinners at the city’s top restaurants. A very affordable way to try the best wines of the festival.

Jean-Talon Products of Charlevoix workshops (free, with samples) – Jean-Talon Salle Mandoline (upstairs)

Happy Hour at L’Accords Restaurant

Dinner at La Fabrique

Dinner at Laloux

Lunch at Le Restaurant de L’Institut

Brunch sponsored by Lebanese restaurant, Zawedah

$13 multi-course lunches at Byblos, Rumi, or Mogador


And, M. Demers’ take on the city’s best cannoli:

Cafe International (but do they serve Alati-Caserta’s cannoli??)




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