Happy New Year 2011!!!

It’s been quite the weekend !

Sabrina and I have finally been able to gather the much awaited and anticipated  information for the shows done back in november and december 2010. Our new year’s resolution is to keep this blog regularly updated and it’ll start as of January 3, 2011.

Month on November 2010

nov . 1

underworld – best of 1992-2002-dirty epic (underworldlive.com)

smith and mighty – same feat tammy pane  (www.myspace.com/smithandmighty)

Zeke’s alternate art review featuring  Laura Robb ( tma) talking about the art world and its distinctions in Montreal.

arthur zmijewsky uqam scenarios of disodance -video art n uqam – polish videos of political protest

marcel h poirier -hotel nelligan

jason gowans at push gallery visual voice in belgo building 372 ste catherine st w #425

Sabrina’s secret stash

DJ kaskade  (www.myspace.com/kaskademusic)

also check out this site for likeminded djs … (thedjlist.com/djs/KASKADE)

here’s a behind the scenes video available through itunes / youtube …

the klaxons -same space (www.myspace.com/klaxons)

the national – squalor victoria (americanmary.com)

zoreen’s cricket report

interpol – barricade (interpolnyc.com)

franz ferdinand – lucid dreams (www.franzferdinand.co.uk)

the last shadow puppets – my mistakes were made for you (thelastshadowpuppets.com)

nov 8

space plane  — http://projectcamelotportal.com/

the donkeys – in the morning (donkeysongs.com/)

roads – paradise (http://roadsband.com/)

star sailor -four to the floor (www.starsailor.net)

margo’s weather observations

zeke ‘s art review

le cheval blanc – cachez ce mur 5 & little art history 101 on art on walls

subconscious pink – nik mirus  at the armada gallery


sabrina’s secret stash

tones on tail


(more to come)

zoreen’s cricket report

zoreen special interview with mrs. tracy on the breast cancer screening tests and centers

margo’s weather observation

paulo raposo – the gasometer project


Check out more on radia at:  http://radia.posterous.com/

Nov 15

The National – Slow show (americanmary.com)

Camera Obscura – Forests and sands (http://www.camera-obscura.net/)

Zeke’s Alternate Art Interview : Vera Frenkl


Sabrina’s Secret Stash

The Desert Sessions (www.desertsessions.com)

The Jon Cohen experimental – this wind of mine (www.myspace.com/thejoncohenexperience)

Zoreen’s cricket report

Roads  – morning light (roadsband.com)

Underworld –Best mamgu ever (underworldlive.com)

Arts and Culture Listings

Emile berliner Museum (http://www.berliner.montreal.museum/)

Made in Montreal  Centre d’Histoire Exhibit Museum

( http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=2497,3088440&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL)

Galerie Amarda  (www.armadagallery.com)

Studio 303 – Split Britches (splitbritches.com)

Soundplay  (naisa.ca/soundplay/installations.html)

Festival Htmlers ( htmlles.net)

Rencontre Intl du Documentaire de Mtl


Cinema Politica +Tadamon + Alternatives colloaborated Under RIDM for presenting the documentary entitled :

Aisheen : Still Alive in Ghaza Directed by Nicholas Wadimoff  (Interview excerpt with Mostafa Henneway.)

Related links: cinemapolitica.org; tadamon.ca; .alternativesjournal.ca

Nov 22

Special thanks to Goethe Institut for giving us tickets to give to our listeners for the Breakdancing to Bach show — check out the Berlin Academy and Flying Steps.

Eureka birds – Still life (www.eurekabirds.com)

Roads – Paradise (http://roadsband.com/)

Note: Live interview with the members of ROADS is after 8 :40am

Deconstructing dinner – Kootenay coop radio podcast–«  The Slow Down Diet «  author  Mark David talking about the myths on dieting and the psychology behind it.


Sabrina’s Secret Stash

*Ariel Pink

*The rockin ramrods

*The TingTings

*Marina and the Diamonds

Note: What about The Gossip?

zoreen’s cricket report

the tingtings –  hands (www.thetingtings.com/the-band)

memory tapes – green knight (www.last.fm/music/Memory+Tapes)

margo’s weather observations

marc gelinas  – given the wings (www.marc-gelinas.com/)

A nice chance to chat with the members of Roads (Garen, Iris and Alfred) (roadsband.com)

roads – remember today

roads- hands of the few

roads – fly

and not your typical video … enjoy!


Nov 29

Boards of Canada – ’84 pontiac dream -(www.boardsofcanada.com)

Broadcast -Corporeal

(http://futurecrayon.blogspot.com/ OR http://warp.net/records/broadcast)

The Postal Service  – Nothing better (http://www.postalservicemusic.net/)

Canadian Youth Delegation Podcast


Zeke’s alternate art perspective book reviews:

The Visual Arts Canada.

The American Institute of Architects Guide to NYC

Sabrina’s secret stash:

Marina and the Diamonds


Democracy now headlines

Clap your hands and say yeah! -The skin of my yellow country teeth (www.clapyourhandssayyeah.com)

SWAP team – Aleece Germano is our lovely guest coming back in to chat about the latest  SWAP  adventures and events. (http://theswapteam.org/)

Nicholas’ Bike courier report

Another fantastic giveaway of tickets to the Flying Steps show  (co-presentation of Goethe Institut — love those folks!)

Sound Art Segment with Esther B interviewing Monique Jean for the sound art segment. Check out the link and project excerpts available on the website and here.


A year-long, site-specific performance series created by Tedi Tafel


we enter this wintery space and are stilled
a time of no time, of shadow, hibernation, dream and memory
life is underground, slowed right down
images emerge out of the cold, at times only barely perceptible and light reaches through the darkness

(Tedi Tafel)
This collaborative performance takes the form of a moving installation blending dance, sound, light and video projections. The work will be shown for 3 hours. The public is invited to come and go as they please and to move around the space as they wish. Admission is free.


Conception/Direction/Video Images: Tedi Tafel
Performance: Leslie Baker, Bill Coleman, Dean Makarenko, Lin Snelling
Sound Environment: Monique Jean, i8u (France Jobin)
Lighting: Yan Lee Chan
Technical Assistance (video): Jonathan Inksetter
Images: images by Michael Reinhart taken during rehearsal and performance;
a series of images taken by Monique Bertrand the morning after opening night’s performance. The images capture certain objects that were part of the performance resting in the now empty space.




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