Friday’s Show Notes – Dec. 24, 2010

To listen to the show LIVE, click HERE

To download the archived recording, click HERE

Show Credits

Hosts: Joshua Hind, Ken McMurray
Special Contributors: Amie Watson, Tom o
Technical Production: Joshua Hind

Music from the show (in the order it was played):

More Music – Midnight Poutine’s Top Montreal Albums of the Decade!

Amie’s Food Report

The Out of Control Bit of Filler!

  • We had a guest cancel and were forced, at the last minute, to fill in the time with…something. So I put up a note on my Facebook and Twitter asking for ideas about how to fill the time. The results were so bad, we decided to just talk about all the ways in which we will NOT be filling the time.
    1. “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” played 4 times
    2. Talk about Texas
    3. Talk about the Habs
    4. Perform a dramatic reading of Stairway to Heaven
    5. Order a pizza on the air
    6. Tell some Fart Jokes
    7. Do a drum solo
    8. Rant about Christmas
    9. Play the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas album
    10. Talk about Moe Norman
    11. List the ways in which our families have disappointed us throughout the year
    12. Take phone calls

Municipal Headlines with Ken McMurray


News of the World with Josh’s Dad, Jerry Hind

  • Mike Werbowski is on holiday, so we asked Josh’s Dad (an historian working on a book World War 1 war stories) to call in and give his opinions on a few things

Josh’s Holiday Action Items


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