Marika’s Moroccan Catering Info

Following up on an interview with Malika from the Friday Morning After Show today, here’s the contact info to book a private traditional Moroccan dinner with chicken, olives, lemons, phyllo pastry, cinnamon, saffron, honey, pistachios and tea for about $50/person:

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6 thoughts on “Marika’s Moroccan Catering Info

  1. Ed says:

    And so begins the slide down the slppery slope of commercialism.

  2. Plugging someone with a small business who was nice enough to give us an interview is the slippery slope of commercialism? CKUT, like any media outlet, plugs stuff all the time. Like bands, whose shows we are constantly plugging. Is their product more worthy of an endorsement than the lovely Malika and her Moroccan food? Both are a part of the cultural fabric of Montreal, are they not?

    The moment I put a paid advert for “St. Hubert” on the blog we’ll be on the slippery slope. Until then, let’s perhaps measure our commentary on who is and isn’t selling out.

    • Ed says:

      I think it was seeing the post out of its original context that elicited that snarky comment from me. Not all of us blog readers catch the entire show and I’m used to seeing such pluggy info placed with the body of larger posts. Encountering it for the first time as a separate blog past without the main content and only the pluggy contact info makes it seem more commercial than was intended. Perhaps you should pay attention to that in the future. Otherwise, I think that the way you Friday people handle the commercial aspects is entirely fair and balanced.

  3. Amie says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Ed. That’s a good point that I should make sure my blog posts are put in context. Thanks for caring.

  4. […] a woman who offers home-cooked Moroccan dinner parties out of her house in LaSalle. She invited me over for a practice dinner and the heaping platters of […]

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