TUESDAY ~ November 30th 2010

This week we debuted our brand spanking new Tuesday Morning After intro! If you missed it this week, tune it at 7:00 am next Tuesday to hear it.

Also, this week for the first time the Morning Breath in it’s new time slot at 7:10 am.

Hosts: Laura Robb, Candice Cascanette, Jaime MacLean

Bottomliner: Laura Robb

Music Coordinators: Candice Cascanette, Jaime MacLean

Tech: Andrew Seo

Music from the show:

  • Queen Drum by Young Galaxy from their album Invisible Republic’
  • Land of Giants by Hooded Fang from their EP
  • Cause = Time by Broken Social Scene from their album You Forgot It In People
  • My Favourite Book and The Night Starts Here by Stars from their album In Our Bedroom After The War
  • Devon by Grimes from her album Halfaxa http://soundcloud.com/arbutus-records/grimes-devon
  • Crystal Balls by Grimes – not yet released but available on Myspace
  • Armageddon by CocoRosie from album Noah’s Ark (Cam’s pick!)
  • One More Chance by Bloc Party
  • The Boys Are Leaving Town by Japandroids from their album Post – Nothing

Interviews this week:


2 thoughts on “TUESDAY ~ November 30th 2010

  1. Josh Hind says:

    Thought I’d give you a new header to go along with the great new theme. Hope you like it. Looking forward to more great radio.

    -Josh (the Morning After blog guy)

  2. tuesdaymorningafter says:

    Absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Josh!

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