TUESDAY ~ November 23rd 2010

Dear TMA listeners!

We are entering a new era, a sad era that says goodbye (for a while! we hope!) to constant, faithful and awesome contributor Ed who has been coordinating, cohosting, teching and contributing to the Tuesday Morning After for over a year. Goodbye Ed! We can’t wait to have you back. We also said goodbye to Maxwell, awesome funky techer, who will hopefully be joining us in the new year!

So the Tuesday Morning After is beginning a new era with Candice Cascanette and Jaime MacLean. Nov. 23rd was the premiere of our new TMA edition of a fem-powered-programmed show and, whoa, we did it, and I think we did it good!

I am looking forward to a rocking, feminist, fiery and awesome TMA Winter/Spring edition.

Wish us goodluck!



CKUT’s (90.3FM)


Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Tech: Rebecca Dooley
CoHosts: Candice Cascanette, Jamie MacLean, Laura Robb
Music Coordinatior: Jaime MacLean
Bottomliner: Laura Robb

Contributors: Jeffrey Mackie, Yogini Ishwari, Cameron Novak

Seven AM ~ Eight AM

Opening Music:
Song/Artist/Album: Back Before We Were Brittle/Say Hi To Your Mom/The Wishes and the Glitch

MUSIC:  Walking Around Waiting Downtown/Reverie Sound Revue/Reverie Sound Revue EP (2:44)


MUSIC:  Treat Me Like You Do/Silly Kissers/Precious Necklace (2:50)



MUSIC: Hamilton Road/Ducktails (2:24)
Playing Saturday Nov. 27 at Casa del Popolo with Grimes, Metz and No Joy

MUSIC: Little Bird/Old Man Ludeke/My Hand Are On Fire and Other Love Songs (3:34)
playing at sala rossa on friday nov. 26 – roots


Music: Careless Love/100 Dollars/Forest of Tears

Jeffrey Mackie’s Literary Report ~ interview with Elise Moser, the head of the Quebec Writers Federation ~ talking about: the QWF’s literary awards that are taking place tonight, the QWF’s various writing programs, such as “Writers in the Schools”, and its numerous workshops.

Most importantly, donate to help support the “Youth at Risk Writing Program”, which has recently lost its funding and needs support fast! They need to raise $15,000! Support this excellent program that provides underprivileged youths with the opportunity to become creatively involved.

Donate and find out more information about the Quebec Writers Federation here: http://www.qwf.org/

Song/Artist/Album:Devon/Grimes/Halfaxa (3:40)
will be playing in a week at this time! new album Halfaxa
http://soundcloud.com/arbutus-records/grimes-devon or grooveshark

Yogini Ishwari and the Morning Breath ~ talking about: nadi shodhana, or alternate breathing, which boosts the immune system!

Shizuyo Ishwari teaches at Yoga Om located @ 1539, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Contact: info@yogaom.ca

MUSIC: God Created Monsters/Snailhouse/The Silence Show

Eight AM ~ Nine AM

Democracy Now!

Cameron Novak with the Bike Report! ~ talking about: how cool it is to bike in a suit, investing in suitable tires and clips for the winter season, and about the bike sale at KMI Warehouse (located @ 766 lajoie) which is Friday, Nov. 26th from 12-7 and Saturday, Nov. 27th from 10-4.

Website: www.thecyclebird.com
Blog: www.thecyclebird.blogspot.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/thecyclebird

Song/Artist/Album: Get Over/ PS I Love You/Meet Me At The Muster Station (3:45)
http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/PS-I-Love-You or grooveshark
Candice Cascanette’s interview with Amanda from McGill’s Shag Shop Sex Shop ~ talking about: stigmas that surround the HPV virus, how the HPV shot is being given today, whether or not to get the HPV shot, and how to talk to your partner(s) about your/his/her sexual past. Also, the Shag Shop Sex Shop wishes you all a Merry-Safe-Sex-XMAS! ❤ X ❤ X ❤ X

Find out more information about McGill’s Shag Shop Sex Shop here: https://home.mcgill.ca/studenthealth/boutique/

Song/Artist/Album: This Is Good/Hannah Georgas/This Is Good (3:57)


Kenneth White, (Untitled Collage), 2002

Laura Robb’s interview with Kenneth White ~ talking about: Kenneth White’s photography, video installations and collage, about the Portland Film + Video Artists Collective (PFVAC), how the media shapes and reshapes our perception of reality, and art-making as a product of research and vice versa.

website: www.kennethwhiteprojects.com
collective: www.pfvac.org

Kenneth will be joining the Contemporary Art class at McGill for the week of Nov. 21st – Nov. 27th which is taught by Dr. Rebecca Duclos. Dr. Duclos is a curator, independent writer and professor at McGill University and Concordia University. She is heading a research/art project called the Compulsive Browsesupported by the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art at Concordia University. The Compulsive Browse project looks at methods of research by Canadian cultural practitioners in its practical function as well as its artistic function.

In the month of February, the Compulsive Browse project will be hosting its most interactive piece, the Biblioderive. The Bibliodérive is described as “an alternative, library and archive-based investigatory strategy designed specifically to unhinge participants from reaching expected research outcomes. The activity emphasizes spontaneous curiosity and encourages random connection-making across a single library/archive or amongst collections at multiple sites”.

You can find out more information about this interactive research project here: http://www.compulsivebrowse.net/


until next week ❤

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2 thoughts on “TUESDAY ~ November 23rd 2010

    • Ed Yersh says:

      Doing the TMA was an crazy exciting life-changing experience. Thanks to CKUT for surrendering the controls to me for more than a year and basically letting us do whatever we wanted. Free speech is alive and well and lives at 90.3 on your FM dial.

      The TMA is in good hands. I look forward to listening (from the comfort of my warm bed) to what these ladies put out there during the coming weeks.

      As m’man Vrillon said in his fateful 1977 message to humanity*

      May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.

      ~ Ed


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