HTMLles Festival of Media Art and Digital Culture – Michelle Smith “Ota Nda Yanaan”

Thanks to Michelle for speaking with us about her part in the upcoming media arts and digital culture festival.

A little about her:

She’s an award-winning documentary filmmaker, media artist and
educator of Métis ancestry. She has a particular interest in social, political and
historical issues in relation to Aboriginal identity and intercultural relations, and she will be presenting launching her interactive website on the Michif language from the Metis community in Camperville, Manitoba on November 18th at 9pm at 4001 Berri.

Michelle’s past works:

Feature documentary, determiNATION songs (http:// (co-directed with Paul Rickard)
which follows three native artists engaging in political struggles through music;

Buried Traces, ( ) an
experimental documentary using missionary archives and live action footage to
explore identity and memory;

Healthy Beginnings, Supportive Communities: A
Strong Future, ( ),
a DVD compilation of 18 videos about having babies and raising children in a
Métis context, produced by the National Aboriginal Health Organization;

three documentaries for the award-winning Aboriginal Language series, Finding Our Talk (

Nokum, the TV and Me
a collection of autoethnographic videos about identity and media representation
created collaboratively with Métis youth in Winnipeg.

Her website:

HTMLles festival website:

See her: November 18th at 9pm at 4001 Berri.

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