Tuesday’s Run Sheet ~ October 26, 2010

CKUT 90.3FM’s

Tuesday Morning After Show

Special Funding Drive Edition

“Horn of Plenty”


TECHS: Ed Yersh, Maxwell Nassr
COHOSTS: Ed Yersh, Laura Robb, Candice Cascanette, Cameron Novak, Jeffrey Mackie
Music Selected by: Ed Yersh
BOTTOMLINER: Laura Robb, Ed Yersh

CONTRIBUTOR: Yogini Ishwari

7:00am ~ 8:00am

Opening Songs: Om Invocation & Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das)
Artist: MC Yogi
Album: Elephant Power

Spoken Word: Noam Chomsky – the need to defend freedom
Artist: Bassnectar
Album: Mesmerizing the Ultra

Background Music: Replenish
Artist: Bassnectar
Album: Mesmerizing the Ultra
(6m 19s)


– Intro to the show: 1st & 2nd hours
– Station Id
– time check
– weather check

Why support CKUT?

Laura’s Reasons: CKUT provides anyone who is interested in learning the ropes of radio equal opportunity to get hands on experience. CKUT shows you how to prerecord interviews, how to put together radio programming, and they run a series of comprehensive workshops. CKUT has set me up with a solid foundation of knowledge about radio and has also inspired me to pursue journalism as a career.

We have gifts & prizes for donors. Here’s the deal:  Ian Christopher Goodman, from jardinier a Byciclette has offered to give the highest Tuesday Morning After Sponsor a free herbal and medicinal garden consultation. Going to our first Tuesday Morning After Sponsor, bicycle reporter and bike courier Cameron Novak will be delivering your gift that comes with a donation of $25 or higher straight to your door! Finally, we will also be giving away a Glass Passenger CD at random throughout the show you better stay tuned!

514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

full weather check

Song: Morning Face
Artist: Small Sins
Album: Mood Swings
(3m 32s)

1st Bike Report with Cameron Novak

Why support CKUT? – Cam’s Reasons
We have gifts for you. Here’s the deal…. (refer to template)
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

~ Ads ~

Station ID /  time check

Special Literary Report with Jeffrey Mackie reading his own poetry!

Why support CKUT? – Jeffrey’s Reasons
We have gifts for you. Here’s the deal….
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Media Consolidation in the USA…
Sound Art: Inspire the Empathic
by: Bassnectar
album: Mesmerizing the Ultra
(5m 32s)

Media Consolidation in Canada – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_ownership_in_Canada
Funding Drive Appeal – Please support alternative media
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Montreal Poet & Jardinier a Bicyclette ~ Ian Christopher Goodman

Why support CKUT? – Ian Christopher Goodman’s Reasons

Details about what he’s offering to pledge winner.
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Musical Guests – Glass Passenger

Yogini Ishwari’s Morning Breath – Funding Drive Edition

background music: Beyond the Borderless
by: Legion of Green Men
album: Ambient Systems – Interior Horizons

Why do you support CKUT? – Ishwari’s Reasons
We have gifts for you. Here’s the deal….
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

:58 Musical Guests: Glass Passenger take us into Democracy Now!


8:00am ~ 9:00am

Democracy Now!

Song:  Shmoov
by:  Groove Armada
album: Back to Mine

as background music:

:13 (with b-ground music playing)
– Intro to the 2nd Hour
– weather
– time
– funding drive ~ 514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Cameron Novak’s 2nd Bike Report

Why support CKUT? – Ed’s Reasons
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Ed Yersh interviews
Michael J. Murphy maker of the Chemtrail / stratospheric aerosol geoengineering documentary

“What In The World Are They Spraying?”

Ads, station ID, time check, weather check
Why support CKUT? – Candice’s Reasons

Candice Cascanette’s interview with the main actor from the play
“Almighty Voice and His Wife”
on stage for one night on October 29th
(13 mins) in Tuesday Morning After File under “Funding Drive”

Musical Guests: Glass Passenger

Closing Song:


Please support CKUT.
514-907-9424 www.ckut.ca

Closing up the show & goodbye.


Song: California
by: Rogue Wave
album: Descended Like Vultures

Creating a positive space where people can foster creativity and share art. Not only does CKUT provide a space within the work creatively but we are supportive of all forms of creativity and we try and get our butts to represent as much of the cultural community as possible.

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