FUNding Drive! Oct. 25 this monday :-) We make your mondays worth waking up to

Oh yes, it is indeed that time of the year !

Friday’s already got the  horn of plenty blowing strong and I’m sure its sound will resonate  all over Montreal ( &  overseas too! we love you folks too!!!) as the week progresses onwards!

The monday morning after crew has a special remote broadcast planned for this year’s edition of the funding drive !!!! It’ll be the 6th one for  Sabrina & I too! Woohoo!

So we’ll be sitting outside of le boui boui cafe  ( 5121 St Laurent blvd  corner Laurier) sipping on some yummy lattes while doing the funding drive show!

Can you tell we want to get ourselves  into the community more than ever before? We’re even tempted to wake up the neighbours (in a similar fashion of “caaing” crows) with the morning after horn of plenty too so if you happen to live in that neighborhood, c’mon over and enjoy your monday morning with us!   🙂

Btw….  Feel free to spread the word!  We’re doing this for  all of the morning afters as it would be nice to have enough funding to be able to do more special programming in the form of remote broadcasts for the morning afters in the future.

Just to give you an idea, with your funding we wouldn’t have to worry about our transportation costs for picking up and dropping off the hardcore equipment used to do these broadcasts (for this broadcast we’re still struggling in getting the equipment from point a to point b and relying solely on the generosity of our friends); we’d also be able to purchase more blank cds, burn the best of our show programming and give it back to you as a thank you gift;  we’d also be able to co-present more music, film and spoken word events;  we’d also be able to keep up with maintenance /(or case by case  purchasing)  of  reliable technical equipment for the wide array of programming and recordings  we do  (this includes  other CKUT programmers too !)

Just to give you some background, many grass root organizations and associations can be helped by our recordings of their lectures, panel discussions and forums. We try our best to get them a copy of the recordings so they can further their message and help empower marginalized communities around the world.   I’m mentioning this because I’ve been using my own md recorder for the past 6 years and it is now out of order ! I am  just one user of my own equipment, can you imagine how long the life expectancy is of the few recorders CKUT has?  Especially when it’s being used by more than 50 volunteers on a weekly basis ??? Now imagine how our computers are surviving … cd players…microphones… enough said. ;-P

So I think I’ve given quite a list of reasons on the why to donate, the how to donate is alot less lengthy… go to OR come on over to the station (3647 University Street) OR better yet, come and see us on Monday  morning at Le Boui Boui 5121 Blvd St Laurent / Laurier  ( If you look above us, the X will mark the spot !)

More to come soon on the music we’ll be airing, right now I’m thinking of Memory Tapes, Hercules and the Love Affair and 011 for now…

Liz 🙂


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