(Cont) Oct 25 FUNding Drive Special Programming notes

For this upcoming funding drive show, we’ll be having a Zeke’s alternate art review as well as going down memory lane by having some needed reflective perspectives by Zeke (ie. Zeke’s Gallery)  and our guest Eric Gentile (owner of le boui boui cafe) on the potential and impact of art spaces. Eric Gentile has been showcasing expositions and organizing vernissages in his cafe since he started.{Side note:  Eric Gentile  has been  promoting and integrated within the local french art scene  due to his  CISM days so it’s only natural that he wishes to do the same with CKUT and english artists ( not to mention allophones too !)  In a way, I’d say he’s part of  the few artistically inclined socially conscious folk who is part of the building of a figurative bridge  between the French and the English. ( Je reve en couleur mais on c’est jamais :-))

We’ll have Sabrina’s Secret Stash on a local band that ceases to exist but could have still been around if the community had been bigger back in the day, it will be on the Kingpins.

I’ll hopefully get a chance to taste some yummy organic muffins baked with love by le boui boui. Eric will give us a reality check on the situation of the supply and demand of organic food and how it can be tricky to work with an always fresh yet limited menu as a result. Maybe Amie from FMA can do her food review (time permitting and pending on her availabilities of course— after all it’s a busy busy busy week!)

I’ll be reserving the second hour to the building of another community that needs it more than ever  –FILM!

Darren Curtis indie filmmaker from Kidnapper Films (www.kidnapperfilms.com) will be in to talk about the process, the misconceptions and the importance of the community in helping filmmakers  get their work out there! He’s been working the circuit for nearly a decade now and trying to have his film(s) screened anywhere in Montreal ( be it in a festival or simply in a film venue has been quite a surprising challenge).  His reality has made me wonder :  What is happening to the film community ? Is it even existent? If so, who has access to it and how can we (the community) make it more accessible and less individualistic? We’re going to look beyond the egos of filmmaking…  daring indeed.

I might also have the opportunity to be chatting with the Haitian filmmaker Jephte Bastien on his film called Sortie 67. We’ll be chatting  about the importance of a united community  and how media ( be it in radio or film) can be used to help deconstruct pre-conceived stereotypes  and perpetuate information rather than misinformation.

All that and more camoes will no doubt occur –how are we going to squeeze it all in ? We’ll find a way 🙂



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