Amie’s Food Report: Montreal Oyster Crawl 2010

Maestro SVP – 3615 St-Laurent

L’Orignal – 479 St-Alexis

Le Club Chasse et Peche – 423 St-Claude

Recommendations: Talk to Melissa at Maestro SVP. For traditional oyster flavour try a Glidden oyster from Maine ($6.00 – a real splurge) and EVEN better try a British Columbian Marina Gold ($4.50) for a milky texture. Or everyday happy hour features 12 Beausoleil for $13, and on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm-11pm the special goes all night on their tapas menu.

Talk to Daniel Notkin at L’Orignal (he’s an oysterologist) and try the Colville Bays ($3.50), but go with whatever he’s got in. It’s all very fresh. Since he doesn’t have a lot of types at any given time, they’re all top quality.

Club Chasse et Peche (“oysters with personality” – $20 for 6! Good deal on oysters at one of the city’s best restaurants). These oysters are fine, and the shiitake broth was subtle enough to make it feel fancy without masking any of the oyster flavour.

Don’t be intimidated by oysters or fancy restaurants!

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