Tuesday’s Runsheet ~ October 19th, 2010 Edition

CKUT’s (90.3FM)’s


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010


Technician: Ed Yersh
Cohosts: Ed Yersh, Laura Robb, Candice Cascanette
Music Coordinators: Ed Yersh
Bottomliner: Laura Robb

Contributors: Yogini Ishwari, Cameron Novak, Jeffrey Mackie

7:00 ~ 8:00

Opening Music:
Song: Back Before We Were Brittle
Artist: Say Hi
Album: The Wishes and the Glitches

Station ID, time check, brief weather check

Song: The Madison Time, Part 1
Artist: Ray Briant Combo
Album: Rock Instrumental Classics

Good morning Montreal! station ID, time check, weather check, show preview

Ed & Laura’s discussion about the general “hating” attitude towards any discussions deemed “conspirative”, What’s wrong with sharing opinions and beliefs especially when they are supported? Advocating for a critical audience

Carol Rosin youtube clip ~ Carol Rosin’s claim that Werner von Braun said that the E.T. issue would eventually be framed as a threat by the military-industrial complex in order to continue fanning the flames of fear and to justify all the continued transferring of people’s tax money to the military and to the weapons manufacturers


Song: We Love You (Remix)
Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Album: Beauty

Ads, MORNING AFTER FUNDING DRIVE ADVERTISEMENT, station ID, time check, weather check

Jeffrey Mackie’s extended Literary Report
Poets Mike Spry, calling in from Toronto, and Larissa Andrusyshyn talking about Alumni writers for Concordia

To find out more information… Still waiting on link…



Song: Moon
Artist: Alva Woto & Ryuchi Sakamoto
Album: Insen


Song: dirtbath
Artist: freeworm
Album: ambient systems

Yogini Ishwari and the Morning Breath

Station ID, time check, weather check, second hour lead in

8:00 ~ 9:00

Democracy NOW!

Cameron Novak’s the Bike Report, talking about toughing the weather, dressing to keep your core warm and dry, and using intense gripping bike tires

Website: www.thecyclebird.com
Blog: www.thecyclebird.blogspot.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/thecyclebird

Song: Same Dream, Same Destination
Artist: Ryuchi Sakamoto
Album: Sevelt Revenge

Ed Yersh’s interview with Jan Florjanczyk on TEDxMcGill talking about the TED conference and the success of free short-form online talks, the TEDx global phenonmenon, TEDx and how it fits into the Montreal, McGill community and finally the necessity to showcase student speakers

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

How does it feel to have a stroke?

Do You Have a Facebook?

Station ID, time check, weather check, why its so bloody hell important to support the TMA and CKUT, and general prizes that people can expect for their support!

also contact us at tuesmorning@ckut.ca for more information about our show, show suggestions, etc. We want to talk to youu!

Song: Energy Flow
Artist: Ryuchi Sakamoto
Album: Solo Works Disc 2

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