Oct 18, 2010 – Monday morning after show

Hour 1


Deerhunter – Vox humana

Atlas Sound – Winter vacation

Death Cab for Cutie -Summer skin

Thievery Corporation – A Gentle Dissolve (correction : Cosmic Game not Mirror Conspiracy)

Keith Serry (Co-Director of CJAM) cjam.info

Check out the website of CJAM for more information. Practical for actors, filmmakers, authors, arts organizations, musicians and artists in general who have questions especially legal questions  directly linked  with their art & they can even help  evaluate the value of your art.

They work with volunteers ( & I think are looking for more to help!) If you are an artist looking for specific legal info they offer a session once a month although it might be on a bi-weekly basis in the coming  months — but you have to sign up early as they only have 8 slots available! Sign up or December? rsvp@cjam.info (Next fully booked info night is in November)

In the meantime check out their  faq section on their webpage.

Sabrina’s Secret Stash; Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (yes, one of Sabrina’s favourite sultry voices!) will be in town on Tuesday the 19th @ Le Cabaret du Musée Juste Pour Rire, in support of their third collaborative album, “Hawk” (V2/Vanguard Records).  A show definitely not to be missed!!

Here’s the rundown of the Stash:

Get Behind Me

Snake Song (by Townes Van Zandt)

To Hell & Back Again

Come Undone


An entertaining interview with Peter Radmoski (a.k.a Pierre Du Rein) for

Blue Light Burlesque Oct 27, 2010 &  Nov 24, 2010 at Cafe Campus.

( http://www.bluelightburlesque.com )

Doors open at 7pm

Zoreen’s quick cricket report

Margo’s weather observations

Special film interview by Esther B for FNC ( festivaldunouveaucinema.ca) , excerpt from an interview with Douglas Buck who is the editor for the film produced/directed  by Olivier Abbou called TERRITORIES.

Massive Attack – Rising Sun

Thievery Corporation – The Time We Lost Our Way into an excerpt from an interview produced back in 2005 with Eric Hilton. Sol Tapado is the outro song…

Concert featuring Thievery Corporation & Massive Attack @ the Bell Centre Oct 18/10









Five friends returning from a marriage in Canada return home to the United States. Not far from the border, two customs officers stop them to check their identity. Suspicious, they take their time especially with Jalil, a man of Arab origin. The situation worsens when a customs officer finds a small bag of marijuana in the luggage. Then things degenerate rapidly: a customs officer grabs the little dog that’s part of the group and slits open its belly to be sure it’s not a mule. When Gab makes a move, he’s shot. The customs officer orders the surviving friends to undress and put on orange coveralls. Gradually, it dawns on the four tourists that they are in the hands of former torturers from Guantanamo.


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