Oct 11 Thanksgiving show special

Hour 1


Abigail Lapell “Beautiful” Love Songs EP

Jay Pea “Tower of Slow” Tower of Slow

Camera Obscura “Forests and Sands” My Maudlin Career

Cat Power “Willie” The Greatest

Zeke talks about Alfred Pellan (around during the age of surrealism !)

Alfred Pellan

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Gorillaz ( yes they’re ever so popular now, they’ll be on Letterman it seems, but, their collaborations are impressive & melodies makes you wonder why didn’t I do that?

Democracy Now Headlines (democracynow.org)

Cricket report

More music I say!

Charlotte Gainsbourg  – The Operation from 5:55  (love the Jarvis Cocker and AIR contribution to that album! )

Casiotone for the painfully alone – New Year’s Kiss ( Etiquette)

Liz’s review of Casiotone’s farewell show at the Casa Del Populo.

Some weather and then some live music !

Gospel Music by Vivian,Nancy and Deborah (Gospel Ensemble)

{Side note: My pick is around 8:40 ish}


Then onto a follow-up interview and live acoustic set with Jon from the The Jon Cohen Experimental

Played a tracked from the first album called “Let Go”

Two live tracks played as a thanksgiving special programming.


Brain Pollution.


A new music video is in the process for “Don’t be a cloud” & we’ll be putting up a link to it when it’s ready 🙂



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