Friday’s Show Notes – Oct. 15, 2010

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Music from the Show (In the order it was played)

Amie’s Food Report – Good Autumn Eats

  • It’s the last week for a lot of the local Farmers’ Markets, so Amie will present some last minute ideas to use up the produce as well as ideas for canning (tomato sauce, chili pastes, apricot jam, frozen herbs, oven-dried tomatoes), freezing, storing, etc.
  • We’ll also feature a round-table of questions about how cooking and canning certain vegetables

Municipal Headlines with Craig Sauve and Ken McMurray

Sovereignists want Montreal street renamed in St. André’s honour
* Not-so-new political party in Laval wants public consultations
* Historic concert venue The Medley to be demolished. Condos coming (big surprise here)
* Another big surprise: No affordable housing units to be built. 1420 Mt-Royal West to be renamed Château Maplewood. Luxury condos, if you can afford them.–142-residences-au-chateau-maplewood
*and 7400 Saint-Laurent too…:
* Villeray residents to get their referendum on police station expansion
* Projet Montréal to have motion passed against mining exploration (re Shale Gas).
* Shell refinery in east-end Montreal to be mothballed and not dismantled? National Assembly hearings on the issue.
*Uniprix Stadium to encroach upon Jarry park:
*Police march in protest over cutbacks:

Mike Werbowski’s Global Perspective

  • Canada and the Security Council
    • Who’s to blame?
    • What does it all mean?
    • Did we even want that seat?

Josh’s Weekend Action Items – The Crazy Cold Medication Edition

Community Listings

  • Links to come after the show

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Show Notes – Oct. 15, 2010

  1. Ed says:

    Hello Friday.

    Please don’t perpetuate the split in the collective psyche by being disparaging of what Josh calls ‘conspiracy theorists’. There’s indisputable evidence that the elites conspire secretly to screw the masses over in a great number of ways. There are conspiracies and plots and deceptions at all levels. As somebody who is aware of some of them, I take umbrage at the derisive tone that Josh took last week when he said a number of times “I don’t want to appear to be a conspiracy theorist”. By saying that on the air he’s encouraging the disparagement of a whole set of independently minded people who seek to look beyond what’s presented to them as truth by the elite through their tools of mass propaganda.

    There is little space on the public airwaves for the airing of non-mainstream views. Let’s have a respectful vetting of ideas and opinions and not fall into the stultifying habit of allying with one ideological worldview and ridiculing others.

    • Joshua Hind says:

      I think I’ve done a decent job (for a beginner) of offering non-mainstream views on certain issues. I would highlight my regular promotion of the No Agenda podcast, a show entirely devoted to the viewpoints of the independently minded people you’re seeking to defend. Although I don’t always agree with their conclusions, I’m happy to introduce others to their methods of media evaluation, or assassination (as they call it).

      On our own Friday show I try to present a viewpoint in my segment that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than my own perspective. I’m assuming the case your mentioning is from my piece on vaccinations, which is an issue in which I don’t believe in the existence of a grand conspiracy. Furthermore, I think perpetuating the idea of conspiracy in this issue is rather dangerous. As such I’m quite comfortable taking and maintaining my position.

      Ask me about most elections and you’ll get a different story. Or (thanks to the aforementioned No Agenda Show) mention the high speed rail lobby in the US and I might fill your ears with talk of dirty dealings. However, I’m hesitant to bring up those issues on the air because I’m still getting a feel for the format and tone of the station. Maybe CKUT loves talk of a good conspiracy…maybe that kind of talk can be slanderous… I don’t know that I feel comfortable making those distinctions yet. As such, I’ve tried to present these issues with a lighter tone. If you took it to be derisive, I’d certainly fault myself for failing to provide the lightness I desired.

      Perhaps a more seasoned host like yourself could help me? I’m sure an off-line conversation about content would be very productive.

      I agree that there’s very little space for non-standard views in our western style of media. I would also argue there are fewer venues still that tolerate the airing of contrasting views. I have very much enjoyed my short time at CKUT because they (so far) seem tolerant of my little 8-minute segment, which being an issues segment is very much driven by my particular viewpoint. I try to pick issues about which I feel passionate and mix them with a viewpoint I can defend. I’ll offer that I’ve done very little that would be considered controversial so far, but I hope to change that in future.

      Finally. In truth, I don’t want to appear to be a conspiracy theorist. I’m genuinely sorry if you feel like that’s a slight, but it’s simply a reflection of my general desire to be a reasoned evaluator, rather than any brand of ideologue. I think people are generally driven by their own agendas, both on the right, the left and all points in between. As such, I’d rather not be labelled for having one extreme viewpoint (like thinking that Obama is a plant who’ll only do one term and then hand the Presidency back to the Clintons…which is true, by the way) because I can contrast that with a very mainstream viewpoint, like vaccines are not part of a conspiracy.

      I hope I’ve explained myself well enough. It’s nice to be challenged on the things I say on the air, not just because healthy debate is fun but also because it means someone is listening.

      Warm regards,

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