Wednesday Morning After October 13

This week on the Wednesday Morning After, we host the Avalanche Crew at 8:30am to celebrate their 5th anniversary, with hosts Kevin, Stephane and Portia

Music: vintage rare psychedelia from Ontario, The Plastic Cloud (8:14)

8:21 Montreal Burger Report – L’Auberge du Dragon Rouge, pt. 2 of 2

Film Segment:

The New Generation of German Women Directors film series at the Montreal Goethe Institute:

The Lab series at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema

featuring events by the Kino collective:


One thought on “Wednesday Morning After October 13

  1. Edward K. Yersh says:

    I enjoyed listening to Ariel interview the Cinema Politica guy and her Expozine peice. I would have liked Zek to repeat the name of the burger joint after he raved so much about it. The burger report is quirky and over the top and always an interesting listen. What is Margo thinking when she says “Check your local listings weather-wise?”

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