Oct 4 rundown – Oct 11 thanksgiving show

Hello all!

So I was fighting a nasty bug last weekend and had no energy to update this! So here we go, clearly last week we were tapping into our scandinavian frequencies the morning of Oct 4, as for Oct 11 we will be going to some low fi electronica  and folk style music as it is known to be harvesting and gobble gobble time…

Before I proceed with the run-down of last week’s show, just had a music flash worth mentioning! Casiotone for the painfully alone will be performing at Casa Del Populo on Oct 10 ! It should be a good show as it will likely be their last one as Casiotone for the painfully alone ( sad but good in the sense that they wish to pursue music under a different name in the years to come but will their music style still be the same? Curious?  Check out their blog at  http://www.cftpa.org/

On to what we aired… I’ll figure out the link to the archives soon enough.  Other morning after programmers have already done theirs, so, it’s just a matter of time before I get a hold of one of them — we’re all too busy for our own good! 😉

Hour 1


Kent (http://kent.nu/)  “Sundance Kid ” off their Vapen and Ammunition album

The National (http://www.americanmary.com/) “Brainy” off Boxer album

The Postal Service (http://www.postalservicemusic.net/) “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” off Give Up album

David Gray (http://www.davidgray.com/) “Please forgive me” off the White Ladder album

Then we talked about the weather and the coming of winter –oh my!

Alternative Art Perspective by Zeke :

Russell Gordon exhibit happened at the McCLure Gallery and moved on over to the West Island Visual Arts Centre & Stewart Hall. Although an incredibly talented artist, he’s spent most of his time  teaching art than exhibiting his work. We also talked about synesthesia …it might explain the rooster talk… ladida!

Sabrina’s Secret Stash: A show review (with some side comments on producers) and music review of Foals latest album entitled (Total Life Forever). Happy to know that Foals are exploring new grounds & there were good times had at their latest show:-)

Info on Foals is available at : http://www.foals.co.uk


Hour 2

Democracy Now Headlines (www.democracynow.org)

Zoreen chats with Steven Erdelyi (http://www.stevenerdelyi.com/). As the City Councillor of Cote St Luc, he was able to implement  the Brown Bin Program dealing with organic waste and composting in Cote St Luc & NDG for residents and businesses as well.

Liz’ s review of Pop Mtl , little mentions on the shows of Jon Cohen Experimental(Balatou)  and Nive Nielsen and the Deer Children (Esco Griffe) along with the phenomenal Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens (opening acts Slim Williams and Jenny Dee and the Delinquents)  at La Sala Rossa. Good times keepin’ the musical vibes flowing  🙂 Watch the cute video below to here the Queens themselves —video doesn’t give justice to the sublime talent you find on stage but it does add some charm …

Mini sound art segment re-cap from the Nomad Collective (http://www.nomad-tv.net/) aired a piece from Paul Devens and the Solar Duo Project out of Nomad’s ctrl alt delete festival circa 2007-2008. We’ll have more on the sound art segment in November.

Now for Oct 11 , we will be featuring :

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Oct 11 is about Gorillaz latest release “Plastic Beach”.

Maybe a short piece about the Earth from Dave Kattenburg’s side project called  Earth Chronicles and maybe some musical guests and fun facts about thanksgiving or just plain surprises 😉




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