Friday’s Show Notes – October 7, 2010

To listen to the show LIVE, click HERE

Missed the show? To download the archived recording, click HERE

Music from the show (in the order it was played)

Mike Werbowski’s Global Perspective…from his bed

  • This week Mike calls into the show from his bed in New York City to discuss the brighten up the show with a chat about the global financial situation

Municipal Headlines with Ken McMurray and Craig Sauve

IN STUDIO: Rufo Valencia on Latin-American Politics

  • Rufo Valencia is a Bolivian-Canadian journalist. He worked as a community radio volunteer in programming at Radio Continental, a station owned by the union of factory workers in La Paz, Bolivia. After three years studying communications at the Catholic University, he pursued a degree in literature at the Universite de Montreal. He came to CKUT as a volunteer in 1992, where he became Spoken Word Coordinator and helped later in the administration of the station. Currently he works as a presenter-producer at Radio Canada International. He is still a volunteer at CKUT.

Interview with Atigh Ould about the Festival Nomade

  • The Nomad Festival will celebrate the ancient nomadic traditions preserved throughout Africa, as well as modern-day nomads, from backpackers to refugees. The festival will include educational workshops for adults and children on topics including African cooking classes; Kisrah (bread) making workshops on a clay oven; storytelling and poetry on Mount Royal; musical concerts; academic lectures; arts and crafts; and film screenings

Josh and Your Weekend Action Items

Community Listings

  • Links to come after the show!!

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