Tuesday’s Run Sheet – September 28th, 2010

ckut’s (90.3FM)

the Tuesday Morning After

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

~ Run Sheet ~

Techs: Ed Yersh, Maxwell Nassr

Cohosts: Ed Yersh, Laura Robb

Music Coordinator: Ed Yersh

Bottomliner: Laura Robb

Contributors: Yogini Ishwari, Cameron Novak, Jeffrey Mackie

seven AM – eight AM


Opening Song

Song: Back Before We Were Brittle

Artist: Say Hi To Your Mom

Album: The Wishes and the Glitch


Station ID, Time Check, brief weather check, HELLOOOO!!!!!

Left Behind by Tim Smith


Clip from Jesse Zimmerman’s interview with Dave Vasey, who is an environmental activist and student and was arrested under a law that was not made available to the public until afterwards. Vasey explains in greater detail the larger contexts of the G20, and gives more information on his ordeals. This has been snipped from Jesse Zimmerman’s series Political Prisoner’s of the G20 — (7 mins, 22 secs)


Ed Yersh’s interview with Nicolas Van Caloen about G20 arestee Juan Pablo Lepore

The Media Co-op: Judicial Harassment of Activists Continues


Ads, Station ID, time check, full weather check


Jeffrey Mackie’s the Literary Report


Yogini Ishwari’s the Morning Breath

Background Music: Galaxia (Eliot J Remix)  by Moonman


Station ID, time check, full weather report, second hour preview

eight AM – nine AM


Democracy Now!


Cameron Novak’s the Bike Report

Station ID, time check, brief weather check

Song by local NDG music makers  The Swift Years
When I Was a Young Man


In Studio Musicians:

Marinda + Solari


Closing Song:

There is No Time

by: Lou Reed

album: New York

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Run Sheet – September 28th, 2010

  1. Hey there, Ed
    Good to meet you at the Van Dyke Parks show, thanks for yr kind words etc!
    I was looking for where you played our stuff, but my navigational abilities are limited.
    Our new album’s being pressed as we speak, looking at a launch Nov 18 at l’Absynthe (99% sure of date)
    Cheers, P.

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