Monday Sept 27, show notes- kite skiing in Greenland? Maybe a future interview?

Here’s what is  coming for this Monday’s show…

Hour 1

Music from local (and some bands from abroad in the second hour)

Amanda Mabro & Cabaret band ( just learned they’ll be doing a show with the Unsettlers — how sweet is that?) They’ll be at the Rialto theatre in November –will let you know more details then.

Adrienne Pierce (currently listening to the track “museum”) recently released her third album. I still remember her opening up for ray lamontagne… so nice and melodious. Hope she comes back in town one of these days and maybe we can do a follow-up interview!

Will also try to squeeze in some music from

James Correa (

Jay Pea (

and Marc Gelinas (

Hour 1

7:30 Zeke’s alternate art perspective ( maybe a rant or two who knows. Zeke will let us know!)

For now it’ll likely be about Force Majeur by Paul Litherland at Clark and the Nelson Henricks show at Concordia, however, this is to be confirmed and subject to change.

7:45 Sabrina will be doing her secret stash, once a month, Sabrina likes to keep me it secret from me and you listeners. I think it makes it all the more curious and cool to listen to her stash. So it’s a secret one, I won’t tell you unless she does which you may be at an advantage over me as the next time I’ll be updating this will be during the show ! Good times !

-Not so secret anymore; the Secret Stash will be on Klaxons who were in town this past Saturday @ Le Cabaret (great show!) and have recently released their anticipated sophomore album, Surfing the Void (-Sab)

Hour 2

Democracy Now Headlines

Music -Some Pop Mtl bands , won’t mention who but will put the details after the show 🙂

8:25 Margo’s weather observations

8:35 Quick Cricket Report  by Zoreen Rahaman.

8:40 am Arts and Culture Listings

I am currently enjoying a latte in the cute and calm cafe called le boui le boui (5121 st laurent blvd  near laurier, they don’t have website yet but they do have an email: retain the name as it’ll be a spot you’ll be hearing about within the next few weeks ! They have a nice photo exhibit  from  antartica to the arctic ,  the photographer is Paul Landry ( and they as per the web-site offer  (amongst other expeditions) kite skiing & I quote ” There is no other place like the Greenland ice cap for kite skiing”

I don’t know what to say…how on earth does someone come to this conclusion? Fascinating nonetheless!

Other links/ events to note and check out in the upcoming future weeks:

Films (linked with Film Pop during the Pop Mtl festival as per the web site)

Pop montreal (

Blue sunshine

Note: They’ll be  having a new exhibit starting from  Sept 29- Oct 28 called “Young monster  -the rock poster art of  Scott Campbell.” I haven’t checked this space out yet but I have received their event e-vites and was referred to them by Ashley from Galerie Rye so I think it’s the next hot spot to check out !

Now on to issues of fair trade / ethical practices in the empowerment of marginalized women groups around the world:

Fem International (Annual ethical fair trade local fashion show happening at the fancy bonsecours market this wednesday night, showroom running until sept 30   — they’ve come a long way :-))

8:45 Green Planet Monitor (podcast- scheduled once a month)

Honduran Women’s Collective ( a report by Jennifer Moore)

***Special Notes: The next sound art segment with Esther B is scheduled for Oct 4,2010; Bluelight burlesque should be coming in for a chat on October 18th and the Funding Drive remote broadcast is scheduled on Oct25. It’s going to be a busy month of October!***




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