Alright here goes… Monday Sept 13/ 10

Happy weekend … I will be trying my best to get familiar with this blog and update it every thursday and weekend before the next mma show so i can inform everyone especially our dear fma folks! Ok,  so here’s what’s going on for tomorrow’s show.

Music for the show Hour 1 & 2

Music from  will likely be depedent on the weather …so based on our current dreary yet inspirational weather today, I’m  thinking on playing a tune from the following bands but not in any particular order so it also subject to change :

gentle touch

junior boys

there’ll be likely  tracks from  local bands…thinking:

jordi rosen

the special interest group

the unsettlers

and  squeeze in  the jon cohen experimental

Zeke has scheduled two special guests for the first hour of the show:

Tentative show-times:

7:15 am Keith Serry (Co-director of CJAM)

7:30 am Lev Bratishenko Senior Editor, Web at the CCA

7:45 am Sabrina’s Secret Stash on the latest release from Interpol ( heard some b-sides will be played – nice!)

8:01-8:12 Democracy now headlines

8:35 Zoreen’s cricket report

Hopefully Margo will also be sharing her weather observations too!

As of 8:40 I’ll be interviewing Ashley from Galerie Rye. (Thanks to the jon cohen experimental band for introducing me to them! ) We’ll be drawing a parallel (with evident contrasts too!) between the  artistic communities of Vancouver’s  east side  to Montreal’s own east side. Ashley (and her hubby Gabriel) have been working in the alternative art scenes for quite some time and I’m excited to chat about their work with all sorts of artist and their upcoming inspirational events too!

Check out their web-site :

That’s it for now, Goethe Institute is starting up their film series soon… will post info on their screenings soon enough as it’s scheduled for the end of the month. 🙂



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